Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SPX 2012 - Kitty's Cats Preview

I just returned from SPX 2012. It was colossal this year and I had a great time! It was a real treat to get to talk to some of my favorite cartoonists on the planet, including RenĂ©e French, Chris Ware, Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, and Frank & Becky. The collection of new talent was astounding in it’s quality and variety, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone!

I was handing out a preview mini-comic of my new web-comic Kitty’s Cats that will be launching this Halloween. You can find some preliminary sketches of some of the characters in posted in my gallery. You can bookmark the site for launch at:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dick P. Wright - Cancer

Unfortunately, Dick is still alive and well. Lately he is having a hard time finding places that will allow him to light up. It's getting so a man can't kill himself in public anymore!

This teaser image for MadCurry No. 0 was drawn in 1998.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MadCurry - Issue 5

This is the final mini-comic in the original run of MadCurry. It is only 10 pages long because it was split with Joey Feldman's "Insane". The front cover was printed on florescent pink paper in honor of Joey's obsession with with the paint color "Opera" by Holbein. This was photocopied and distributed in late 1997.

Read it in my deviantART Gallery