Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kitty’s Cats in Molasses, at SPX 2014

This is the preview for my story debuting in the funny animal anthology “Molasses” at SPX 2014. It will be published by Syrup Pirates.

More info: Kitty's Cats website 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

SPX 2013 - Just What The Doctor Ordered

After accidentally buying a house (don't ask, unless you like long-winded babbling), I was forced to put all of my projects on hiatus for about eight months. I always find it hard to get projects restarted after such a long lapse, so I was looking for something to kick-start my enthusiasm.

I'm now settled into my new basement studio, dubbed "The Speakeasy" by everyone who sees it. There is a full wet bar in the same room as my drafting table. Oh, and also, a very classy WC complete with a urinal. I have the best stereo setup I've had in ages, with my vinyl collection actually in the same room as my turntable. I could not be happier with my work space, but that is not enough to bring my enthusiasm back to the level it was pre-house.

That's where SPX comes in. A full weekend surrounded by very personable independent cartoonists and comics fans helped me remember that the world wasn't so bad after all. It certainly wasn't all leaky plumbing and busted chimney linings. There are stories to tell and people to tell them to. Sometimes when I am holed up in my isolated studio, I forget that. I would like to thank everybody I talked to at the Expo, you were all so enthusiastic about comics, and that enthusiasm is just the medicine I needed.

I will be restarting updates on Kitty's Cats on October 31st.

I will start uploading more of my vintage MadCurry comics as soon as possible.

Friday, December 14, 2012