Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation = Sick + Family + Allergies + BronyCon

I am capping off my vacation by uploading new sketches. It is a relief to be back to normal at the end of it all.

I spent the first week and a half sleeping off a virus. It wasn't  terrible, but it was tiring, and I could not draw properly. Making no progress on my storyboards drove me crazy!

This was followed by a truncated trip to visit family at Mt. Gretna. It was great to see everyone, especially my niece Keira! As if brought on by some tormenting demons, my tree pollen allergies brought the procedings to an early end. Apparently I am not meant to enjoy the beauty of Pennsylvania's woodlands.

This past weekend was spent at BronyCon, where I had the opportunity to personally thank Lauren Faust and some of my favorite cartoon writers and voice actors for their work. About a year ago, the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" show and Brony phenomenon hit me like a bolt of lightning. The show hooked into my earliest aspirations, of being a toy designer and animator, and made me confront myself and finally admit who I am. It resurrected a vital part of me that had been dead for eight years. I have never experienced an epiphany of this magnitude, and it has propelled me into ceaseless drawing and writing. I have developed my first new characters and story ideas in nearly a decade, and I am re-teaching myself animation. I owe Lauren and her crew an un-repayable debt, so I intend to thank them in any way possible.

This was certainly not the best vacation, but seeing my family, and the FiM crew made it bearable. Better luck next time, I guess!

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